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Post-Launch Update (v1.01)

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Hey Everyone! We want to say thank you so much for buying our game and trying it out. We've seen all of the articles and let's plays released so far and have heard from some of you both through store reviews and private messages! We are listening to your feedback and there are always things we can improve upon in order to make Grow Big (or Go Home) as good as it can be for all of you!

We are planning a larger release later on which will double the length of the game, by introducing a hard mode. We don't want to give too much away yet in terms of what we will be adding, but are excited to show more!

But before we get to the big feature updates, it's a good idea to add extra polish and tweaks to the game we launched last week, and so, without further ado, here are the patch notes for Version 1.01:

•ADDED: Improved the level 1/tutorial, adding text which explains both the water mechanic and the light mechanic and how each affect the plant.

•ADDED: plant interactable highlights in Level Select.

•ADDED: new layout to Hell Level (further improvements coming to Hell Level, don't worry).

•ADDED: floor light animation in Cyberpunk Level.

•ADDED: star animations and audio.

•ADDED: assist-mode description in options menu.

•ADDED: plant grow sounds.

•ADDED: win and lose sound effects.

•ADDED: controls to options menu (control changing to be implemented in a later update).

•ADDED: support for 32-bit.

•CHANGED: Slowed down fully-grown plant animation.

•CHANGED: Carried out UI change to prepare for the addition of language switching.

•CHANGED: Level Select tutorial text to clarify mechanics.

•CHANGED: how UI works so that plugging in/out a controller automatically changes control indicators.

•CHANGED: Improved the Level Select UI visuals and animations.

•CHANGED: Clarified input options in keyboard control visuals.

•CHANGED: sunbeam visuals to make it clearer and more accessible for people with visual impairment.

•FIXED: tap not disappearing from Level Select after completing level 1/tutorial.

•FIXED: visual bug in Level Select which happened when you dropped the can mid-watering.

•FIXED: visual bug with window in Space Station Level.

•FIXED: wall visual bug in Hell Level.

We would like to again thank everyone who has given us feedback over the past few days, as well as more generally, everyone who has bought our game and helped to support us to do what we love into the future!

P.S. - we wanted to include an image so that this blogpost worked well when shown on the rest of our website, so we chose a still from our music composer/sound designer's YouTube video for the Cyberpunk song he made for our game, which we wanted to share for any who are interested:

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