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Revealing our Box Art for Grow Big (or Go Home)!

After many, many edits, we're glad to finally show off our box art for our upcoming game! It went through many iterations and tweaks before becoming what you see before you, but all of us on the team are excited to be able to slowly show off more of the game in the final weeks leading up to release (which we plan to announce very shortly).

We thought we'd give a little background on the thought process behind this box art specifically; while the 'Grow Big' logo shows what's arguably the core mechanic of the game (using sunlight to grow plants), we wanted to highlight what could be considered the other core mechanic in the game; watering the plants. We think this works particularly well as it also means we get to show the world the incredibly cute animation of our protagonist, Bruce, standing on his tippy-toes as he uses this obscenely large watering can (or is he obscenely small?? These are the questions you'll have to find answers to on release day).

The various types of walls at the top was something we decided to add later into the process; the box art was looking slick but a bit empty, and we wanted to give people a (tiny) hint of the various different locations that the Player and Bruce would travel to over the course of the game. Of course, these wall slices hint at only some of the many places and time periods that will be explored in-game. We'd love to know if anyone could guess any of the levels from these little slices of pixel-art (some are much more difficult than others)!

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