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Launch Day!

The moment has finally arrived; our first published game! We have only released it a couple of hours ago, but already the excitement and interest seems to be building quickly. We're gonna keep this short as we have a tonne more stuff to do with marketing the game and also want to celebrate launch and relax a bit, but we wanted to share that the game is available on both Steam and, with a launch discount of 37%!

This is a complete version of the game with 15 levels (though the final one is procedurally generated and so replayable), but we have even greater hopes for this game going forward. We don't want to give away too much, but we're looking towards adding a new game+/hard mode in the coming weeks, as well as possibly looking into launching the game on mobile in the future.

We're incredibly excited to be able to actually see our game on Steam and and we are looking forward to everyone playing it! That's all (as we said, we'd keep it brief) but we look forward to you all playing the game and don't forget to Grow Big!

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