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Grow Big (or Go Home): Ultimate Edition - Out Now

Updated: May 31, 2022

Hey everyone! We have a tonne of people trying the game for the first time and we just want to say welcome and we hope you enjoy it! With the Ultimate Edition update, we wanted to improve upon and expand the experience that players get when the player the game.

Before I get into the changelog, I want to remind you all of what was said in the previous post:

"We are planning a larger release later in the week which will double the length of the game, by introducing a hard mode. We don't want to give too much away yet in terms of what we will be adding, but are excited to show more!"

So it's safe to say that it took a bit longer than a week! but we ended up focusing on improving and tweaking way more we had planned originally and of course, game development is really, really hard - this is a lesson I relearn every time I develop the game. As a great example, we had originally planned to launch last Friday but ended up having to delay the release by a few days (and sorry about that!). We hope that the wait was worth it; I definitely think it was. You can see a trailer with all the features at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the:



  • Improved Tutorial with task checklist.

  • Added Hell level Score and Total Score.

  • Improved procedural generation in Hell Level.

  • Added new Hell Layouts.

  • 3 New standard levels set in Japan, Atlantis, and a VR World.

  • A new Hard Mode with 16 new levels with increased challenge.

  • Outfit Unlock system implemented.

  • Vents no longer have colliders.

  • Improved collision for most items in-game.

  • Bruce now uses the alarm when holding objects.

  • Dog petting added.

  • Added Achievements.

  • Bruce now appears in the correct zone while returning to Level Select from a level.

  • Clicking next while in the final level of each zone now returns the player to Level Select to see the next area unlock and to view the new outfits.

  • Finishing the game now brings you to the Credits screen.

  • A fully-burnt plant now begins to regrow again.


  • Full Spanish language support added.

  • 3 Outfits - Ancient, Jungle, and Future.

  • Added plant growing transition animations.

  • The Lit Plant Animation’s opacity now changes depending on the strength of the light.

  • Display stand, Tutorial UI, and Messages with New UI Style.

  • Growth indicator added to show players current growth amount.

  • Updated final stage sprite of each plant to better identify a plant is fully-grown.

  • Apollo is now prepared for space travel.

  • Added a visual fade scene transition.

  • Added ‘HellCan’ Bruce animations.

  • Added changing outfit animations.

  • The bestest boy Brucington added.

  • Improved the Jump animations.

  • Improved starting UI using Newspaper design.

  • Gates now open with an animation.

  • Improved visuals and animations in every level.

  • Added lights-off animations in many levels.

  • Rebalanced growth speed and minimum growth amount in order to lower difficulty.

  • Made the Options menu easier-to-use, including changing controls from a selector to a normal button, and realigning of the UI.


  • Added original music for the following levels: Paddy’s Day, Easter, Rome, Mesopotamia, Japan, Mayan, Khmer, Atlantis, VR World, Mars.

  • Added original music for the Main menu and options menu now shares this music.

  • Remasters and improvements on all previous original music.

  • Improved plant growth sounds.

  • Rebalanced all audio.

  • Added Alien sounds (moving vent, walking, and knocking plant pot).

  • Added UI and interaction sounds including newspaper and changing outfits.

  • Added Level Select ambient audio for the Ancient, Jungle, Future, and Hell Zones.

  • Implemented audio fades when switching between music.

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