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Internationally-known as the world's best gardener, he can tend to the most challenging plants, using a careful mix of sunlight and water.

While Bruce grew up in a small town and had a simple childhood, his appearance on a reality gardening show at the age of 18 shot him towards stardom. Before long, word of his skills spread far and wide throughout both space and time, and soon Bruce was being called upon by everyone from Ancient Roman Emperor Augustus to the owners of a Mars Colony in the distant future.


  • Picking up objects.

  • Placing objects.

  • Rotating objects.

  • Watering plants.

  • Traveling through time.



Screenshot (1485).png

Bruce's House

Bruce's home is where he feels most safe. Bruce has always enjoyed spending most of his time alone at home, dedicating his waking hours completely to the important and onerous task of plant nannying.

Bruce likes to keep his home as clear of obstacles as possible so he can quickly reach any plant in need.

Bruce's reluctance to buy decorations for his house, combined with his simple lifestyle, means that Bruce sits on an enormous fortune, which he plans to leave to his plants as soon as he convinces a judge to grant them personhood.





This is a plant.