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We are a Europe-based indie game dev studio cooperative. Over the past few months, we have been working on terror game 'Alban: Dread by Darkness', set in an alternate history Scotland where fire doesn't exist.


Our Structure:

After completing an early prototype of Alban: Dread by Darkness as part of the Transfuzer competition, many of our members entered into larger companies or got involved with other projects. Wanting to accommodate everyone, we created a more flexible structure for the co-op, in which there is a Quarant Group, which currently contains 15 members, as well as the organisation Quarant Inc.

As a member of the Quarant Group, there are advantages such as access to the private Discord which brings with it access to social events and sharing of knowledge and tips and tricks. Quarant Group members are also prioritised when looking for people to work on game projects, but the main goal is to ensure that it is a more-casual social grouping.

Quarant Inc is the actual co-op itself and currently contains 5 members. We've recently made an effort to make it more accessible for Quarant Group members to join, and have set up a fund for members to buy asset packs and other relevant gamedev software.

Our Team:



Game Designer

"Hi, I’m Killian :) I’m the Creative/Team Lead at Quarant Inc. This means that I help manage the business and team, but I mostly focus on concepting, level design, and general game design. I really enjoy the flat structure of our co-op, where everyone’s opinions get heard."



3D Artist

"Hi it me. I'm the guy trying to look professional. Anyways, I'm a 3D artist for this studio. I like focusing on the technical part of game development, but art's pretty cool too I guess. I do love a good technical challenge above all else though."



2D/ 3D Artist

"Hi, my name is Miko and I’m an artist and animator at Quarant Inc.! My job so far has been everything from concept art and logo design, through 3D modelling and rigging, to 3D and pixel art animation. This variety is the reason why I love working here!"




"Hello there, I’m Lorién. I recently started working at Quarant Inc., coding on both of our games in development, which means I use 2 different engines and programming languages, but it's not a problem, as I have loads of practice from my 4-year Game Dev degree."



3D Artist

"Hey I’m Jack, a recent recruit at Quarant Inc. As a 3D Artist/Animator, I’m working on 'Alban: #DreadByDarkness'! My main focus is Animation, but I have also been working as a generalist after graduating in 3D Animation and Visualisation earlier this year."

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